Bons Mots (the death of​.​.​.​)

by Flavigula

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A bright streak Mars the sky Evidence of The ancient eye An orbit unknown An iris ablaze A dynamo Pursued through town Man in black Evade the heat You sip your little beer Outside the storm nears And when you rise I spy you list Our sages say The missing page From the old grimoire Tells who you are This is a dangerous game The final hour! Nightly in these dreams I’ve followed your every lead Taking flight TO lands and ACROSS seas A touch of lamb’s blood anointed In their sweet slumber For what is a precious life? You showed me direction With your lullaby tones Such that they might be spared
Dear God! Don’t you hear my cries!?
Muted toned Membrane Listening well in the din Submerge Through the shimmering A static pool Strange my hands… Is this my reflection? Or my face… Is this the end Of everything? To yellow fields Say goodbye To week old pizza And receive The Transmission Undivided


A year in the making, the piece started out as a series of modal drones merging into one another, transforming harmony and texture. Melodies and progression began to surface from the roiling fog, becoming tangible and giving the mists colour and flailing hands. Finally, a narrative shaped itself throughout the cloud's membrane.

The man and the eye. Which is observing whom?


released June 18, 2019

Bob Murry Shelton - Guitar, Effects, Modular Synth, Modální Mlhy
Christian Michael Newman - Voice, Radioscapes, Soundscapes, Ctihodný Oko, Cover Concept and Art

Composition by Bob Murry Shelton
Words by Christian Michael Newman
Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Flavigula




Flavigula Logroño, Spain

Flavigula wavers in crepuscular zones, modulating among ripples and maelstroms, within spectra of snow and hailstones. Neither she makes delineations among the pleasing and unsightly, nor distinctions within the crystalline, shifting phase. Bounding in abstract landscapes, she thrives. ... more

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