by Flavigula

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Fold 08:16
The maniacal boy Poking holes In the blackest of embroideries Sadly sliding along We know nothing
Cake Eater 03:20
Rotary Dial 03:43
Glancing Bow 04:48
I caught my old girlfriend out the corner of my eye She was staring straight at me from a pile of old debris She would not let me pass as she danced behind the glass So I poured myself another shot of whiskey I gave that ol gal everything a man could give But all she gave to me was that cock-eyed memory That pendant keeps me chained, then it drives me insane But, as Soloman or Franklin used to say To build that house of strength and love You need a woman and a man Or a flask of booze, a man and a marmot And that house of booze and love will last Until the day he dies Whether the woman or the marmot's by his side I popped those pills of patience I was kinder than a louse Kept them spirits in my steps To the envy of her pep Kept that pride in my sack Never boasting glaring facts As I filled my glass, she waddled off my wagon Outside of my window, the marmot rears his head It's just you and me, my friend, til the bitter, winter's end A younger man would argue But those wise men do agree That living's arm in arm with marmotry To build a house of strength and love You need a woman and a man Or a flask of booze, a man, and a marmot And that house of strength and love with last Until the day he dies Whether the woman or the marmot's by his side


"Allai" is the idea of looking yonder, up, over there, or on the bright side. It is the vast, yawning abstraction that engulfs you from any one of those places.

It's also the name of a plastic penguin that our imaginary flute player had as a child. That penguin meant everything. Please consider this whilst you listen.


released December 16, 2019

Bob Murry Shelton - guitar, myriad effects, a modular synth named "THE FURNACE", Supercollider, sneezings, brief mutterings
Christian Michael Newman - pink fuzz, voice, palmas, extensive mutterings and caffeination
James Anthony Hogard - bass
Matthew Riley Walsh, Attorney at Law - piano

Music composed by Bob
Lyrics to Fold by Christian
Lyrics to House of Strength and Love by Bob & Christian
Edited and arranged by Bob & Christian
Cover art by Christian

Thanks to Daniel García for inspiration.




Flavigula Logroño, Spain

Flavigula wavers in crepuscular zones, modulating among ripples and maelstroms, within spectra of snow and hailstones. Neither she makes delineations among the pleasing and unsightly, nor distinctions within the crystalline, shifting phase. Bounding in abstract landscapes, she thrives. ... more

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